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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wilkins Green - Growing a Community

Wilkins Green - Growing a Community Wilkins Green is nestled between two busy main roads. When we began the project, already existing natives welcomed us in the form of various species of gums, remnant grasses such as Kangaroo grass and Microlina, Fig trees, and various acacias. A high bank of Casurina trees protected the area and provided a filter to noise and pollution.

It began in 2004 when a Community Gardening Course run by TAFE Outreach grew out of the belonging project, a Marrickville Council initiative involving local community leaders and community members with a vision for the future of Marrickville.

Participants represented a diverse range of people from community as well as cultural, educational and environmental organizations.

The project has a exceeded expections in the outcomes it has acheived for the community, community partners and many individuals whose lifes have been touched by there connection to the project.

See our PowerPoint presentation about the project that was made for the recent Landcare Awards in Tamworth where the project was nominated for an award.



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